20% Cashback Rewards on Canada Goose Jackets

Anyone taking the time to look up from their cellphone for a moment while walking around the downtown of any major Northeastern city has seen the distinctive red Canada Goose logo on the arms of many jackets being worn by those around them this winter. These luxury down filled jackets are all the rage this season and start at a whopping $900. While thousands of people are happily forking over $900+ for their Canada Goose jacket, smart shoppers know not to do that. I’ve found a way to effectively drop the price of those much sought-after jackets by 20%! This is done by stacking Moosejaw rewards and cashback via Active Junky or Mr. Rebates.


The breakdown:

First: Sign up for Active Junky or Mr. Rebates. I recommend Active Junky since they don’t require a minimum balance to receive your cashback and it is sent automatically after 90 days to your PayPal account! Active Junky is also offering a $10 bonus for signing up for your free account and making your first purchase!

Second:  Sign up for Moosejaw Rewards (it’s free!). This rewards program entitles you to 10% back in reward dollars you can use on Moosejaw for a future purchase. These rewards are good for two years and are valid on almost everything that Moosejaw offers.

Third: Login to your Active Junky or Mr. Rebates account and search for Moosejaw. Click through to Moosejaw from your account at Active Junky or Mr. Rebates to ensure that your rebate tracks properly.

Fourth: Purchase your new Canada Goose jacket and be rewarded with 10% cashback plus 10% in Moosejaw rewards!


Example: Buy Canada Goose Men’s Wyndham Parka for $895 at Moosejaw. Earn $89.50 in Active Junky cashback. Earn $89.50 in Moosejaw rewards. Cost of jacket after rewards and cashback = $716, a savings of $197! Be sure to use your best cashback credit card to increase your cashback even more!


Have you found a better deal on Canada Goose jackets? Let us know in the comments!

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