Chipotle’s Chiptopia – Free Catering for 20!

This summer’s Chiptopia promotion from Chipotle has ended and over 3.6 million people participated. However, as you may have read in my post from July, I devised a strategy to complete the Chiptopia challenge and earn the free catering for 20 by spending the least amount of money possible. Only 85,000 fellow Chiptopians successfully completed the 33 burritos in 3 months challenge with me and we will be rewarded with over $20 million worth of free catering from Chipotle in the coming months.

I’m looking forward to the catering for 20 that I will likely be rewarding my co-workers with it soon. I’m also left wondering what kind of promotion will Chiptotle think of next? More pics and details to follow!


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