Chiptopia at Chipotle Mexican Grill – My New Addiction

Chichiptopia-cardpotle Mexican Grill has had its share of troubles over the past year and is striving to recover to its former glory. Shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) have cratered from a high of $758 to around $400 today. But don’t worry! Chipotle investors’ loss over the past year is your gain! The latest strategy in Chipotle’s efforts to get people back into their stores is the summertime Chiptopia promotion that runs from July through September and rewards loyal Chiptopians(?) with free food!

Not to let a good deal escape me, I immediately began crunching some numbers for this promotion to find out just how good of a deal it really is. The first thing you need to do is visit your local Chipotle and pick up your very own Chiptopia rewards card and register it online at Chipotle. You get a free order of Chips and Guac with your first entree purchase after registering your card too!

The Basics:


The ultimate goal is to achieve HOT STATUS all three months in order to earn 9 free burritos, plus catering for 20 at the end! The catering, plus those 9 free burritos and free Chips and Guac is worth over $400, including tax. Now, just how much will this cost me?

The Breakdown:

The lowest price for a burrito bowl at my local Chipotle store is $8.00 including tax for the Chicken or Sofritas variety. So for the purposes of this illustration, I will be assuming an $8.00 burrito for all paid purchases. Now, I really like Barbacoa burrito bowls (which cost $9.00 with tax), so for my free burritos I will be ordering those. But wait, it gets better! Chipotle will let you get EXTRA meat and guac on your free burritos! That now makes my Barbacoa burrito bowl worth $15.27! So for each of the 9 free burritos, I will assume a value of $15.27!


Now, the promotion states that you can use your free burrito toward the next tier in the promotion. In order to maximize this, I will be applying my last free burrito earned in July and August toward the first tier the following month.

So my purchases will look like this:







































This breaks down to 9 purchased burritos in July, 8 in August and 8 in September. Now, the burritos are $8 but that’s now how much I end up paying for them. How you ask? Well, you can purchase Chipotle Gift Cards online for between 15-20% off their retail price! So that means that every burrito I purchase for $8 is actually only costing me about $6.60!

Make sure you get your discounted Chipotle Gift Cards now! Sign up at the link here and you’ll get $5 free from Raise on your first purchase of Chipotle Gift Cards too!


So, the monthly cost breaks down like this:

July: $59.40

August: $52.80

September: $52.80

Total: $165.00



What’s in it for me!?

For that $165, I will receive 34 burritos worth $337.43 (25 x $8 + 9 x $15.27), catering for 20 worth $264 ($240 + 10% sales tax) and a free order of Chips and Guac ($4.00).

This is a total value of $605.43 received for only spending $165.

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So what are you waiting for?! If you love a great deal and delicious burritos, hurry up and take advantage of this promotion before it’s too late! Waiting too long means you won’t qualify for the HOT LEVEL each month. Earning HOT LEVEL for all three months is the key to getting the best deal at Chipotle this summer! So, what kind of burritos will you get?

My Chicken Burrito Bowl and Free Chips and Guac!




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