Chiptopia August Update – More Free Chipotle!

It’s now August and the first month of Chiptopia is in the bag. What level did you achieve?


In case you didn’t know, you can use your last free burrito earned in one month as your first burrito towards the following month’s goal! I did just that and was happy to get my first burrito icon added to my August tally, for free! And you better believe I got a monster burrito bowl with double barbacoa, double guac and lots of cheese! Over $16 in all and I didn’t pay a dime!

Now, what if you forgot to join Chiptopia in July? Well, Chipotle is offering a chance to win free burritos for a year to some lucky Chiptopia participants that sign up this month:

“Register for Chiptopia Summer Rewards before August 15th, and not only can you eat and earn FREE burritos all summer long, but you’ll also be entered to win one of 3 Grand Prizes of FREE Burritos for a Year, or 30 Runner-Up Prizes of Burritos for 10. Extrawesome.

And you rock stars that already registered for Chiptopia in July? You can enter to win too—just log in below and you’ll be prompted to enter. Extrawesomer.”

So, don’t wait to join Chiptopia and earn your free burritos this summer! Plus you’ve now got a chance to win free burritos for a year! But don’t forget to save even more money by purchasing discounted Chipotle Gift Cards to save up to 20% more off your Chipotle purchases everyday!

Sign up at the link here and you’ll get $5 free from Raise on your first purchase of Chipotle Gift Cards too!

It’s only August 5 and I’ve already earned my first free burrito this month and achieved Mild Status. Only seven more burritos until HOT Status x2! Come join me on my quest for Chiptopia HOT Status x3!



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