Free Moneymaker Kiwi Shoe Products after Cashback at Walmart!

There is a tremendous deal out there right now to make a profit buying Kiwi brand shoe products at Walmart!

First, make sure you have a Swagbucks and MyPoints account! Currently Swagbucks is offering a 1000 Swagbucks bonus for joining too (that’s equal to $10!).


The moneymaker breakdown:

First, head on over to Swagbucks and make sure that you print the Kiwi coupons!


Make your way to your neighborhood Walmart and buy the Kiwi Leather Care Kit and two Kiwi Shoe Protection products.


Kiwi Leather Care Kit – ($11.88 at Walmart)

Swagbucks Coupon: $5 off + 10 Swagbucks for redeeming coupon

Swagbucks Rebate: 1600 Swagbucks ($16)

Total: 11.88-5-0.10-16 = $9.22 profit!



Kiwi Shoe Protection – ($6.94 each at Walmart, $13.88 for two)

Swagbucks Coupon: $5 off two + 10 Swagbucks for redeeming coupon

Swagbucks Rebate: 1500 Swagbucks ($15)

MyPoints Rebate: 2250 points (Approx. $15)

Total: 13.88-5-0.10-15-15= $21.22 profit!


Submitting the rebates is easy! Simply upload your Walmart receipt where indicated on the Swagbucks and MyPoints website and you’ll see your cashback credited to your account within a few days!

So, there you have it. After using the coupons listed and submitting the simple rebates online, you can walk away with free Kiwi shoe care products and put an extra $30 in your pocket!

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