The Life and Times of (the other) Shaun Carter

After a long hiatus, it’s about time I get back into the blog game. In the years that Shauner has been idle, a lot has happened.  College graduations, a cross-country move, new jobs, and more. Now that I’ve begun to settle into what appears to be a stable life, it’s about time I pick up some of my favorite pastimes of yesteryear… it also helps that blogging can pay some bills. While I have started the beginning of what should be a long and successful career, it never hurts to have supplemental income and that’s what blogging used to be for me as a struggling college student. I’ll use this space to share the happenings in my life, interesting tidbits of current events, my new addiction to couponing and finding great deals plus anything else that happens to tickle my fancy at a given time.



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